Automatically update Spotfire charts and tables in your PowerPoint

This example will show you how to link charts and tables as an image in your PowerPoint presentation and use the Spotfire Automation Services Job Builder to periodically update the charts and tables. Every time you open your PowerPoint, it will check if the image has been updated and show the updated image.


  1. Save your report to the Spotfire library.
  2. Open the Automation Services Job Builder and create the following basic jobs:
    ppt_automationInclude everything you want to export in this job but set the location of the images to a drive the PowerPoint user has access to.
  3. Schedule your job, not going into the details on that but for more info read this.
  4. Open your PowerPoint (in this example Office 2010) and goto: insert -> picture.
  5. Select the image you want to add and then select ‘insert and link’.
    This will add the image and keep a reference to the location of the image.
  6. If you now run the Spotfire Job and reopen your PowerPoint you will see the changes (if your data has changed).

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