Automatically start an IronPython script

Every time a user will navigate to this page an IronPyton script will be executed.
The trick is to add a drop-down list property and use some Javascript to trigger the change event of the drop-down list.

  1. Create a drop-down list property.
    1. Add a drop-down list property.
    2. Set a script for the property.
    3. Add some fake data, atleast 2 rows.
  2. Next add a Javascript to the HTML/text area.
    4. Copy the ID of the spotfire element (you need this in the javascript).
    5. Add a new javascript and use the copied ID.
    6. Use the following javascript to do the trick:

6 thoughts on “Automatically start an IronPython script

  1. How to get div id for the charts? I want to refer to a specific chart in Java script. I have tried using viewid but it keeps on changing… Any idea on this?

  2. Hello,
    I have been unable to get this working. I have the drop down visible and it doesn’t change value when I navigate from this page and back again. Have I misunderstood?


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